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FIGLI DEL DESERTO (Sons of  the desert)

In a hostile, lunar and arid environment, Saharawi people have been surviving for about 40 years, through difficulties and demands. In the extreme southwest of Algeria, faraway from the fishy Atlantic coasts of their forefathers, forced to flee from slaughter, the new generations dream of that sea that today just relives in the stories of the elders, underneath the dusty and scorching tents. Here begins the story of Fatima, Maina and Mohamed, three children from El Ayoun refugee camp near Tindouf. Arrived in Italy thanks to a non-profit organisation together with some other children of their same age, the three experience a new and unknown world. Traffic, shops, lights and chaos: everything is new here, but also scary. They cannot understand the immensity of the sea they can finally meet, but still they can touch its imaginary poetry as only a child can feel. All the fears, friends and spontaneity of these “sons of the desert” lead us through their adventure made of smiles, emotions and reflections and so make us discover our world through their eyes until the return to that desert to which they belong.

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