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Pesci Combattenti srl
Viale Angelico, 39

00195 Rome


tel: +39 06 94532580

fax: +39 06 94532582

VAT No. IT08606901000

Please, note: Pesci Combattenti S.r.l. (“Pesci Combattenti”, the “Company”) is not entitled to accept, view and/or take into consideration any and all creative materials (including without limitation concepts, screenplays, formats, texts, graphics, music, audio and/or video materials, etc.) that will be sent to the Company and/or to its employees and/or collaborators, unless such materials have not been expressly requested by Pesci Combattenti. Therefore, should any unrequested material be sent to the Company, such material will be automatically deleted and will not be examined in any way by the Company. The user acknowledges and agrees not to make any claims against the Company for any potential reason or title in connection therewith.

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