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The founding partners are three TV industry professionals who have decided to combine creativity,  talent and technical skills to build something able to reflect the values of excellence and creativity that they could not find around them.


Riccardo Mastropietro

CEO & Artistic Director

He started in the early 90s as film editor and director for documentaries, shorts and entertainment programs for television. He manages and leads the company’s strategic development and covers the role of Art Director for all productions. He develops original TV formats along with the other two founding partners.


Cristiana Mastropietro


Chief Creative Officer

She started working as a TV writer in the 90s. She has developed and run entertainment and infotainment formats for any and all general-interest networks (Rai, Mediaset, La7). She is Head Writer and Creative Producer for all productions.


Giulio Testa


Chief Technical Officer

Film editor since the beginning of 2000, he has developed the technological passion for editing, which has turned out to be increasingly strategic for any post-production process within the company. He manages the company’s hardware and takes part in the development of new original formats.   

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