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The natural evolution of a successful format, this time without limits of eras and seasons. A fresco of the feminine universe, which sees in each episode the natural generational transition; from the post-war period to the present day, women with every social background, with lives often at opposite ends, unveil themselves and tell their personal stories. In a studio location recalling an art gallery, Francesca Fialdini leads us through a journey where the intertwining stories of women are also a snapshot of the changes and achievements, often still lacking, of our country. As of season 2024 there'a new addition: at the end of each episode the studio opens its doors, for the first time, to another perspective, welcoming a male figure from the world of culture for a gender equality discussion over the stories narrated in the relevant episode. This TV program has garnered a significant appreciation of the audience and has been acclaimed by critics as a perfect example of a beautiful television. 

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